"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
   —Mahatma Gandhi

Residential Buyers and Sellers

How does your program work?
Brokers for Charity® will refer you to a qualified real estate broker committed to providing top-notch real estate services to you. When your transaction closes, Brokers for Charity® will donate 10% of the commission paid to your real estate broker to the 501(c)(3) charity you choose. Commissions are always negotiable, so the donation amount will vary depending on the commission rate negotiated in any given transaction.

Can I designate the donation be given to any nonprofit?
We can make donations to any organization recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as public charities with current 501(c)(3) status in good standing.

Can I specify the donation be used for a specific cause within the organization?
We are happy to pass on the request when Brokers for Charity® sends the donation, but we cannot guarantee it will be honored. You may want to contact them directly.

How much will my charity receive?
Please use the following calculator to estimate our resulting donation. Brokerís commissions are always negotiable and the sample calculation below is intended to serve as an example only and will vary in each transaction.
Selling price: $
Broker's commission: %

   Answer = $

Will I receive a tax deduction for the donation?
Because Brokers for Charity® is actually making the donation, you will not receive a tax deduction. We will notify the charity that we are making the donation as a result of you utilizing our referral service. We will give them your information unless you choose to remain anonymous.

Can I use your program if my home is currently listed with another broker?
No. If your home is currently listed with another broker, please do not consider this a solicitation.

Can I use your program if I have signed a contract with a buyer's broker?
No. If you are currently under contract with another broker, please do not consider this a solicitation.

May I request a referral for more than one agent?
Absolutely. Our goal is for you to work with the real estate professional that is right for you. Please make this request on your interest form.

When will my charity receive the donation?
Following your closing and the receipt of the referral fee by Brokers for Charity, the donation will be mailed to your charity within 10 days. When the donation has been sent, you will receive a confirmation email from us.



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