"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
   —Mahatma Gandhi

Real Estate Professionals

Brokers for Charity® provides quality referrals to qualified real estate brokers. We are always adding to our network of professionals, so please join us!

How do I become part of your referral network?
If you would like to apply to join our referral team, please complete the application form below. Please include references, experience, and any other information you wish to share.

What are your requirements to become part of your referral network?
All referrals will be made to licensed real estate brokers that have been verified with the state licensing authority as well as local and national associations. We are seeking to connect with professionals that are the best fit for our referrals, in the areas of quality of service, experience expertise and specialization. We expect the highest level of service be provided to these referrals. Brokers for Charity® will follow up to ensure that our high expectation of service has been met for every referral.

Do you charge a fee to become part of your referral network?
We do not charge a monthly or recurring fee to become a part of our referral network. Through a referral agreement, Brokers for Charity® will collect a referral fee from the designated broker upon successful close of escrow.

Do I need to make the donation to the charity?
No. Brokers for Charity® makes all of the donations to the specified charity upon successful close of escrow and receipt of the referral fee. However, you're always welcome to make an additional donation.


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