"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."
   —Mother Teresa

Featured Nonprofit Links

4th & Forever Foundation: Founded by former NFL player Keith O'Neil who retired from the NFL after winning the Super Bowl with the Colts. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Keith is dedicated to assisting those living with and affected by mental illness.

After The Trauma: Helping Survivors of Domestic Violence Re-Establish Their Lives.

Anthony Chisom AIDS Foundation: Bringing support, health, hope & medicine to people living with HIV/AIDS around the world making it possible for them to maintain their health.

Arizona Consortium for the Arts: Supporting and fostering visual, literary, and performance arts, artists, and cultures in Arizona.

Art Aids Art: Promoting education and economic development for women and children through the arts in townships surrounding Cape Town, S. Africa.

ATOP: Humanitarian outreach breaking the cycles of violence to prevent future genocides and preparing a generation of conscientious individuals guided by love, peace, passion & meaning.

Back to School is COOL: Providing economically challenged students in Florida with clothing, uniforms, school supplies, shoes, outerwear, undergarments, toiletries & more to be successful at school level. Help a student attend school with PRIDE!

Bravery Project: Using the arts to promote education, motivation, community, and hope through stories of survival.

Busted Foundation: Provides Financial and Educational Support to Women Who are Currently Being Treated for Breast Cancer

Children's Body-Image Foundation: To see every child accepted for who they are regardless of their appearance, and for each child to receive the necessary allied medical services they require.

Colorado Service Dogs: Train & provide rescued dogs to assist people with disabilities allowing them be more independent. Bringing security, freedom, independence & relief from social isolation.

Culinan Group Foundation: World-wide organization providing services to the entire population with focus on those suffering from homelessness, educational deficiencies, no medical care & who suffer from any/all forms of life threatening circumstances.

Fill The Need Foundation: The Bridge Between Volunteers, Donations, & the Pressing Needs of the Community, Locally & Globally.

Find Me: Dedicated group of retired law enforcement, vetted intuitive consultants from around the world, & canine search & rescue professionals assisting law enforcement & families of missing persons or homicide victims.

Fix The Hurt: Speaking out and educating victims, families, & communitities on how to recognize warning signs, protect those abused, and make the abusers accountable.

Goodwill Group Foundation: Empowering disadvantaged Thai women through education, job training & placement, life management & counseling.

Grassroots.org: Providing Free Technology and Business Services to Other Nonprofit Organizations

Horse Feathers Equine Rescue: Provide a humane alternative for abandoned, abused, neglected, or slaughter bound horses.

IBSA, Inc Provides job readiness assistance, youth and business development activities and support services for construction-based minority & disadvantaged small business concerns.

Jeremy Staat Foundation: Providing a Veteran Speaking Board to schools to educate and motivate kids while giving a voice to our American Veterans. Advocates against Veteran suicide & childhood obesity.

Karlee's Angels: Founded by a young girl, Karlee, who lost her leg to cancer at 5 years old. Karlee brings joy & hope to children in the hospital through toys & kindness.

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation: Rescue, re-home, & advocate for pets that have been left behind due to foreclosure or eviction. Providing options for families to enable them to keep their family pets in these hard economic times.

Madieu Williams Foundation: Providing a variety of youth programs focused on education, health, fitness, self esteem & accountability for youth in the US & Sierra Leone. Committed to improving the quality of life & contributions of young people.

Madieu Williams Foundation: Providing a variety of youth programs focused on education, health, fitness, self esteem & accountability for youth in the US & Sierra Leone. Committed to improving the quality of life & contributions of young people.

Marriage Management: Provide free military marriage & relationship programs to keep military marriages from becoming a casualty of war & help teach skills needed to fight stress caused by multiple combat deployments.

Mazie's Mission: Providing a kind, compassionate environment for animals while eliminating fear, suffering, and hunger.

National Advocacy and Training Network:International network of survivors, volunteers, advocates, and professionals working together to end domestic abuse, sexual assault, and substance abuse.

New Global Citizens: Educate, equip, and mobilize young people who take action to help solve the largest challenges faced by communities around the world to create a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

No Wooden Nickels: Helping families coping with cancer by providing assistance with the indirect costs, education, support and referral resources during treatment and diagnosis.

Ocean Foundation: Tell Us What You Want to do for the Ocean and We Will Take Care of the Rest.

P.A.W.S. of Michigan: All-volunteer group promoting the humane, compassionate, & responsible treatment of all animals. Protecting & caring for homeless animals by placing them with loving foster families until compatible permanent homes can be found.

Parents Educating Arkansas about Children with Epilepsy: Changing the reality that is epilepsy today by helping children & families overcome the stigma attached by providing resources & support.

Phoenix Youth at Risk: Providing a foundation of mentoring and curriculum to help at-risk youth build positive, goal-directed futures.

Project Interfaith: Providing creative programs trainings & workshops that build and sustain understanding, respect & relationships among people of all faiths and beliefs. Promoting a deeper understanding of and respect for religious diversity.

Raffle Rescue: Helping animals in need through our win-win raffle donations while working to establish a farm where all animals we rescue can live the remainder of their time on earth in peace & love, or until we find a loving, safe forever home for them.

Rapha Family Services: Providing families with tools and classes for success in parenting, life skills, child abuse prevention, mentoring, and support as well as recruiting & training foster families in & around Miami-Dade & Broward Counties.

Regifting for the Warrior: Helping wounded warriors returning home from current conflicts & providing assistance to their families by distributing gift cards for everyday expenses.

Roseville Home Start: Transitioning homeless families with children into affordable, sustainable, permanent housing & self-sufficiency through a comprehensive, flexible, accessible & accountable system of housing & support services.

Samaritans Offering Support: Helping the seriously ill & their families cope with catastrophic medical expenses through financial assistance programs, education, & community outreach.

Save Africa: Rebuilding Africa One Community at a Time

Southwestern Vocational College: Preventing victimization through education, training & innovation, & safety solutions for our communities while partnering with community leaders & public safety agencies.

Stardust Building Supplies: Encouraging reuse and repurpose in our community through innovation, education and partnerships. Stardust operates retail centers that provide the community with affordable and reusable building materials.

Survivors and Advocates for Empowerment: Assisting Survivors of Domestic Violence in the Washington, DC Metro Area. SAFE provides services to all domestic violence victims in DC, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, or immigration status.

Sustainable Harvest International: Planting hope, restoring forests and nourishing communities. Providing farming families in Central America with the training and tools to preserve our planet's tropical forests while overcoming poverty.

The Gathering Inn: Providing our homeless guest in south Placer County with social, health and case management services that will help them become active participants in our community to the best of their ability.

The Gift of a Helping Hand: Serve the needy, underprivileged, and poverty-stricken families in distressed communities in SE Michigan.

United Cerebral Palsey of Central Arizona: Working to advance the independence and productivity of people with all types of disabilities; a leader in providing therapies, independent living services and integrated educational based programs.

UniversalGiving: Web-based platform providing giving and volunteering opportunities in more than 70 countries. Visitors to our site have the opportunity to search for projects, gift packages, or volunteer opportunities by issue and region.

Volunteer in Your Community: We help people in poverty and the homeless, to establish a strong foundation that will lead to financial independence. We focus on the youth, and their parents, as well as men and women in the community.

Women In Jazz South Florida: Promote women musicians globally through events, concerts, clinics and much more.

Women of Worth: Assisting families in crisis, especially those escaping domestic violence or sexual assault. We work to increase self-reliance and improve the quality of life for individuals and families by assisting them in rebuilding their lives.

Women Together Fighting Cancer: Raising funds to aid the research that will find a cure for breast cancer.

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