"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
   —Mahatma Gandhi

Nonprofit Fundraising
Your nonprofit organization can raise funds through everyday real estate transactions!

Brokers for Charity® helps connect real estate buyers and sellers with qualified real estate professionals while contributing to their favorite nonprofit organization. When the transaction is complete, we donate 10% of their broker’s commission to the charity chosen by the buyer or seller.

Our business model helps nonprofit organization while helping buyers and sellers find top-notch real estate professionals.

To qualify, you need only be a nonprofit organization with current 501(c)(3) status in good standing with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Does my organization have to track anything?
No. Brokers for Charity® will provide your organization with a login and password upon request. This will allow you to check the status your supporter's activity. There is no additional work on your end.

Will we be able to see everyone’s information?
You will have access to all information except the names of any individuals who wish to remain anonymous. This includes the name of the individual or company we have referred, potential donation and status updates of transactions and donations.

How much will our organization receive?
Please use the following calculator to estimate our resulting donation. Note that broker's commissions are always negotiable and the sample calculation below is intended to serve as an example only and will vary in each transaction.
Selling price: $
Broker's commission: %

   Answer = $
Our organization has many real estate professionals that support us, and we don't want to jeopardize our relationship with them. Can they be included in your referral network?
Absolutely. Please direct them to the real estate section of our site. Provided they meet our qualifications, we are happy to welcome them to our referral network.

How do we know that our supporters are getting quality real estate referrals?
Brokers for Charity® follows up with all buyers and sellers to ensure that they are completely satisfied with our referral. Your supporter’s satisfaction is our priority.

How can we get the word out about Brokers for Charity® to our supporters?
There are many ways to promote this opportunity for your charity:

- Add a link to us on your website
- Social Media
- Events
- Newsletters
- Flyers
- Mailings
- Announcements

Prior to utilizing any of the above, other than the link to our page, please consult with Brokers for Charity® regarding specific language required.

Can any nonprofit receive donations?
Brokers for Charity® can only make donations to organizations recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service as public charities with current 501(c)(3) status in good standing.


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